Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India



[vc_row][vc_column][vc_tta_tabs style=”modern” color=”blue” active_section=”1″][vc_tta_section title=”Background” tab_id=”1640763474087-264e168e-1135″][vc_column_text]Lord Curzon laid the foundation stone for the Agricultural Research Institute on April 1, 1905. The Viceroy stated in his speech that the seed he planted will soon blossom, transforming Pusa into a hub of agricultural activities, research, and education. Not only would Bihar and Bengal benefit, but the entire country as a whole, attracting the best talent in India and abroad. By 1907-08, this fine-grained edifice had been built, housing Botany, Chemistry, Mycology, Entomology, and a Library. Several renowned England scientists arrived, including an imperial agriculturist and an imperial economic botanist, and there was concern about starting college.

According to the original proposal (1903-Pusa Scheme), the experts were assisted in their teaching by a number of junior teachers, instructors, field overseers, etc. Meanwhile, shortly after Lord Curzon’s departure, and with the active support of the government of India’s educational advisor, the proposal to establish four agricultural colleges in Sabour (Bihar), Nagpur (Central Provinces), Coimbatore (Madras), and Lyallpur (Punjab, now in Pakistan) was approved. This transformed the original concept of undergraduate education in Pusa into a postgraduate studies institute with two-year postgraduate diploma courses in four disciplines and a one-year agriculture programme (later changed to two years).

In 1908-09, the first batch of students admitted for Licentiates in Agriculture (L.Ags) and university graduates in science. In 1907, the educational advisor hoped that Pusa would become a centre of excellence in agricultural research and education, eventually becoming an agricultural university. Surprisingly, his vision was realised a few years later in Pusa with the establishment of the Rajendra Agricultural University (RAU), which began offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of disciplines.


Dr. Albert Howard and his wife Gabrielle worked on wheat and revolutionized the age-old wheat cultivation especially in the large rainfed tracts of Bihar and U.P.S.J.F. Shaw also evolved many varieties in other crops. Some of the best selections of Rice, chilles, tobacco, linseed, mustard, pulses, and vegetables benefited both the planters and the farmers. Research on the taxonomy, ecology and control of insect pests by H.M. Lefroy, T.B. Fletcher and H.S. Pruthi. On plants pathogens by E. J. Butler, W.M. Macrae, M. Mitra and B.B. Mundkur and on bacteriology by W.M. Hutchinson will ever remain as classical accomplishments. A special mention must be made of the monumental contributions of Dr. J.W. leather on manuring of corps, water requirements of plants, drainage studies in Bihar and reclamation of Saline-Alkai Soils.

Ironically, after the devastating Bihar earthquake in January 1934, the Imperial Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) relocated to New Delhi in 1935 and began operations at the end of 1936. Later, the Pusa estate has undergone a series of changes since its purchase by the Government of Bihar with the dawn of independence, and today several institutions are located here, including the sugarcane research institute, which is the major scientific organization at Pusa and one of the largest centers of sugarcane research in the country.

On August 18, 1960, the first chief minister of Bihar, Late Dr. Sri Krishna Singh, laid the foundation stone for Thirut College of Agriculture (TCA), Dholi in the district of Muzaffarpur. After the establishment of Rajendra Agriculture University (RAU) on December 3rd, 1970, TCA, Dholi awards B.Sc. (Ag.) degrees. Degrees were awarded by Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, between 1963 and 1971. The Post Graduate Programme at first existed in the TCA, Dholi during the period of 1974-1979. Later the PG Programme was shifted to Pusa campus of RAU.

Simultaneously, the Faculty of Agriculture was established on December 3rd, 1970. RAU upgraded into Central Agricultural University with effect from October 07th, 2016 as Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University (RPCAU). On August 17th, 2018, the Academic Council of RPCAU, Pusa unanimously recommended approval of the notification of the Post Graduate College of Agriculture (PGCA), RPCAU, Pusa. PG College of Agriculture at Pusa currently consists of ten departments viz. Department of Agronomy, Agril. Economics, Extension Education, Entomology, Forestry, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Plant Pathology & Nematology, Seedsciecne and technology and Soil Science. These departments are imparting education to M.Sc. (Ag.) and   Ph.D. students in different disciplines of Agriculture. Besides, research on different aspects of agriculture and extension activities is being conducted by scientists.  Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff guides the students with a total focus in achieving set targets. Extended academic support by classroom discussion, group discussion, seminars, series tests and examinations are our priorities. The faculty also focuses on strategic and applied research for developing technologies to enhance the productivity and quality of agricultural produce.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To impart education in different branches of agriculture and allied fields.
  2. To undertake basic, strategic and applied research for developing technologies to enhance productivity and quality of agricultural and animal produce.
  3. To disseminate scientific information to farmers.
  4. To plan, organize and conduct on campus and off campus training programmes for different functionaries and clientele in order to develop human resource capability in the field of agriculture.
  5. To help the state government in supplying breeder seeds towards production and multiplication of foundation and certified seeds.
  6. To provide consultancy services and expertise in the agriculture research and development to the industries, NGOs and others.
  7. To serve as a repository of national and international scientific information on various aspects of agricultural and animal production.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Infrastructure” tab_id=”1640763982479-fa6d172a-9ecb”][vc_column_text]The college has excellent infrastructural facilities like smart class rooms, seminar halls, internet  access in addition to modern laboratories  equipped with state-of-the-art equipment/ instruments, to provide proper learning environment.

  • Molecular Biology Lab.-1
  • Molecular Biology Lab.-2
  • Genetic Transformation Lab.
  • Biochemical Genetics Lab.
  • Plant Tissue Culture Lab.
  • Bio-imaging Lab.
  • Poly House / Net house
  • Bioinformatics Lab.
  • Smart Class Rooms
  • Bio-chemistry Lab.
  • Chemistry Lab.
  • Physics Lab.
  • Microbiology Lab.
  • Mushroom Lab.
  • Mushroom Spawn Production Centre



[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Degree Programme” tab_id=”1640763474424-0db20fbf-06cc”][vc_column_text]

Sl.No. Degree Intake capacity
01 B.Tech. (Biotech.) 55
02 M.Sc. (Biotech.) 17 (11 DBT + 6 RPCAU)
03 M.Sc. (BPP) 06
04 M.Sc. (Micro) 06
05 M.Sc. (Stat.) 06
06 Ph.D. (Biotech.) 04
07 Ph.D. (BPP) 02

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Academic” tab_id=”1640763615280-4ab4b056-06d0″][vc_column_text]ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES

Under graduate programme

In self financed 4 – years B. Tech. (Biotechnology) degree programme ,  students are admitted through National level test conducted by ICAR, New Delhi.  Against total sanctioned strength of 30 seats.

To impart practical training and skill development in Biotechnology there are modern laboratories of Molecular Biology, Genetic Transformation, Biochemical Genetics, Tissue Culture , Microbiology etc. having equipments like Thermo cycler, PCR, Gel Doc Unit, UV Spectrophotometer, Gene Gun, Refrigerated centrifuge, Deep Freezer (-200C and -800C), Micropipette, Vortex shaker, Bioanalyzer, Electrophoresis Unit, Ice flakers, Laminar Air Flow, Gel Dryer, Conductivity meter, Millipore Water Purification Unit, Photo periodic Timer etc. The College has Smart Class Room, Modern Conference Hall, separate Hostel for Boys and Girls with all possible infrastructure including that of Wi-Fi internet facilities.

Students Graduating from this college have the opportunities of working in Government/ private organization, in Biotechnology related  research and development institutes and also for higher education in institutes of National importance. Many of our passed out students having B. Tech. (Biotechnology) degree have been admitted in M. Tech., M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in Biotechnology , Environmental Science, Chemical Engineering through national level competition  in reputed institutes like IITs, NITs, IISER- Kolkatta, NDRI Karnal, Hyderabad University, Central Universities, IISc Bangalore and many other institutions

Post Graduate Programmes

Department Degree Programme
Department of Agril Bio-technology & Molecular Biology Agricultural Biotechnology*
Department of Botany and Plant Physiology Plant Physiology
Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Application Agricultural Statistics
MBA (Agribusiness) Programme MBA (Agribusiness)

*Students under Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India  quota are admitted in the PG programme through JNU competitive test conducted on all India basis. Seats under the University quota are filled up through entrance test conducted by ICAR.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Research” tab_id=”1640764107822-6ab3895e-b43e”][vc_column_text]Research Projects – Ongoing

S. No. Title Funding Agency
i. Enhancement of Heat Tolerance in locally adapted wheat cultivars Bihar RKVY
ii. Spot blotch of wheat delivering resistant wheat lines and diagnostic and molecular markers for resistance. CGIAR- Collaborative International Project
iii. Deciphering Phytohormone signaling in modulation of resistance to Spot blotch disease for identification of novel resistant components for wheat improvement CGIAR- Collaborative International Project
iv. Development of heat tolerant, high yielding and climate resilient wheat cultivars by utilizing genomics, molecular and physiological information and resources. USAID
v. Development of Hybrid Rice Non Plan Govt. of  Bihar
vi. National information system on agricultural education network in India (NISAGENET) ICAR
vii. All India survey on higher education of ICAR for RAU unit ICAR
viii. All India survey on higher education of Govt. of Bihar for RAU, unit. Govt. of Bihar
ix. All India survey on Higher Education UGC HRD, New Delhi
x. SAS (Statistically Analysis System) for RAU, Bihar, Pusa unit
xi. AINP on Soil biodiversity and Biofertilizers ICAR
xii. AICRP on Mushroom ICAR
xiii. Experiential learning in Mushroom production ICAR


Research Projects Completed

S.No. Title Period Funding agency Department
1. Metabolic modifications in Zea mays during water lodging 1997 – 24 March, 2000 ICAR Biochemistry
2. Studies on production of Legnocelulotytic enzyme profile on paddy residue recycling August , 1999 to July, 2002 ICAR Biochemistry
3. Sustaining rice productivity through cyanobacterial biofertilizer in Bihar paddy soils August, 1996 to July, 1999 DBT Microbiology
4. Impact of pesticides on agromicrobes in Bihar soil Oct.,2000 to April 2004 DBT Microbiology
5. Demonstration of mushroom spawn production technology in Bihar April 2004 to March 2006 NHB Microbiology
6. Macromode on mushroom April 2004 to March 2006 State Microbiology
7. Improvement in Dalbergia sisoo to reduce mass mortality —— April, 2001 to March, 2004 ICAR Microbiology
8. Sustainable management of plant biodiversity 1999-2003 NATP/ICAR Agri. Biotech
9. Network project on genetic evaluation and Improvement of Sesbania & Crotalaria for green manuring 2001 NATP/ICAR Agri. Biotech
10 Pre-breeding for genetic enhancement of rabi Pigeonpea 2002 to 2005 NATP ICAR Agri. Biotech
11 Development of hybrid boro rice for North Bihar 2001 to 2005 ICAR Agri. Biotech
12 Evaluation of the production potential of boro rice NATP ICAR Agri. Biotech
13 Screening of Chickpea genotypes. 2000-2004 ICAR Botany & Pl. Physiology
14 Metabolic modifications in Zea mays during water logging 2000-2003 ICAR Biochemistry
15 Studies on production of Legnocelulotytic enzyme profile on paddy residue recycling Biochemistry
16 Application of micro organism in agricultural allied sectors 5 Year ICAR Agri. Biotech.
17 Development of medicinal and aromatic plants 1993-2001 Govt. of India Botany & Pl. Physiology
18 Facilitation centre on medicinal plants 2007-2010 National Medicinal Plant Board, GOI, New Delhi Botany & Pl. Physiology
19 Cyanobacterial Biofertilizer DBT/ICAR Microbiology
20 Agromicrobes –pesticide interaction DBT Microbiology
21 Mushroom spawn technology dessimination NHB Microbiology
22 Mushroom production technology & dessimination RKVY/Macromode Microbiology
23 Mushroom production ICAR Microbiology

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Extension” tab_id=”1640763669916-6393a6bd-1c86″][vc_column_text]Major Extension activities

  1. Popularized the mushroom production technology through training on mushroom cultivation, spawn production, demonstration and display in Kishan Mela, Krishi ghosti, Villager’s site, mass media , through pamphlets etc.
  2. Developed human resources pool on mushroom cultivation and  spawn production in the state.
  3. Technical guidance to trained personal resulted in the establishment of spawn production unit at Barauni, Vaishali, Gaya, Nalanda, Patna financed by SIDBI & NHB (Govt. of India).
  4. Mushroom spawn lab have been established in different KVK’s namely Banka, Munger, Sariya (Muzaffarpur) and Piprakothi in East Champaran.
  5. Established a networking of mushroom growers for proper technical advice, marketing and organized mushroom farming.
  6. Learning materials on mushroom production technology was developed and distributed to the users community.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Faculty” tab_id=”1640763698051-74d193c7-0d2a”][vc_column_text]

S. No. Name of Scientist/Teacher Designation Mobile No. E-mail ID
I.        Agricultural Economics
1 Dr. K.M. Singh Professor & Dean, PGCA 9431060157 m.krishna.singh@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
2 Dr. D.K. Sinha Professor & Head 9430259717 head.agecon@rpcau.panduiprasth.com/


3 Dr. R.R. Mishra Assoc. Professor 6205625881 r.mishra@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
4 Dr. Aniruddha Roy Assoc. Professor 9402134175 aniruddha.roy@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
5 Dr. Tulika Kumari Asstt. Professor 8368630431 tulika@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
II.      Agronomy
1 Dr. Devendar Singh Professor & Head   6287797185 head.agron@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
2 Dr. D.K. Roy Professor 9430181071 dhirendra.roy@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
3 Dr. S.K. Chaudhary Professor 9431834082 skc@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
4 Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Jha Professor 9430804115 ratnesh@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
5 Dr. Rajan Kumar Asstt. Professor 9430800862 rajan.kumar@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
6 Dr. Dharminder Asstt. Professor 8092308584 dharminder@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
7 Dr. Kumari Sapna Asstt. Professor 9798497550 sapna@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
8 Dr. Biswajit Pramanick Asstt. Professor 8630795237 biswajit@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
9 Sri Kaushal Kishor Asstt. Professor 8987235645 kaushal.kishor@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
III.   Entomology
1 Dr. Udayan Mukherjee Professor & Head 6287797186 head.ento@rpcau.panduiprasth.com/umukherjee@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
2 Dr. Pushpa Singh Professor 9430560507 pushpa@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
3 Dr. S.K. Sahoo Assoc. Professor 9872655270 sksahoo@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
4 Dr. Manoj Kumar Asstt. Professor 9162736466 manojk.ento@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
5 Dr. Md. Abbas Ahmad Asstt. Professor 9431433706 abbas.ento@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
6 Dr. M.K. Singh Asstt. Professor 6203455508 mukesh.singh@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
7 Dr. Nagendra Kumar Asstt. Professor 6201019031 nagendra.kumar@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
8 Dr. M.S. Sai Reddy Asstt. Professor 9346625239 sai.reddy@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
IV.   Extension Education
1 Dr. Bineeta Satpathy Head & Assoc. Professor 7978505027 head.ext@rpcau.panduiprasth.com/bineeta.satpathy@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
2 Dr. A.K. Singh Professor 9431480630 head.ext@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
3 Dr. Satya Prakash Asstt. Professor 6207647397 satya.prakash@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
4 Dr. S.P. Lal Asstt. Professor 7876890810 sudhanand.lal@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
V.     Forestry
1 Dr. M.S. Ali Professor & Head 9308501688 head.forestry@rpcau.panduiprasth.com


2 Dr. D.K. Das Professor 9430046537 dipty.das@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
3 Dr. R.K. Meena Asstt. Professor 9929736634 rkmeena@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
4 Dr. S.L. Singh Asstt. Professor 9402044741 soibam@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
VI.   Horticulture
1 Dr. Udit Kumar Head & Associate Professor 9431958567 head.hort@rpcau.panduiprasth.com/


2 Dr. Sudhir Das Assoc. Professor 9955294145 sudhir.das@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
3 Dr. A.K. Singh Asstt. Professor 9431898889 anil.hort@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
4 Dr. Pramila Asstt. Professor 7488470788 pramila@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
5 Dr. A.K. Panda Asstt. Professor 9468356627 akpanda@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
6 Dr. Neeharika Kanth Asstt. Professor 9315506863 neeharika@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
VII.Plant Breeding & Genetics
1 Dr. Sweta Mishra Professor 898128548 head.pbg@rpcau.panduiprasth.com/


2 Dr. S. K. Singh Assoc. Professor 7250209227 satish.singh@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
3 Dr. Nilanjaya Asstt. Professor 6202843136 nilanjaya@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
4 Dr. M. K. Singh Asstt. Professor 7983312594 mithilesh.pbg@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
5 Mr. Aman Tigga Asstt. Professor 7992380388 aman@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
VIII.        Plant Pathology & Nematology
1 Dr.(Mrs) Bimla Rai Professor & Head 9934271632 bimala@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
2 Dr. U.S. Singh Professor 9934727941 ussingh@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
3 Dr. S.K. Singh Professor 9431883416 sksingh@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
4 Dr. P.K. Jha Professor 7779947846 pkjha@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
5 Dr. Nishi Keshari Asstt. Professor 9123287966 nishi@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
6 Dr. R.K. Ranjan Asstt. Professor 9934416674 rkranjan@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
7 Dr. Dinesh Rai Asstt. Professor 7091855455 drai@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
IX.   Seed science and technology
1 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Head & Assoc. Professor 8809435010 rajesh.pbg@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
2 Dr. U. K. Singh Assistant Professor 9931956795 uksinghraupusa@gmail.com
3 Dr. Sumeet Kumar Singh Assistant Professor 9334792496 sumeet.singh@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
X.     Soil Science
1 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Professor & Head 9431897517 mukeshkumar@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
2 Dr. Ranjan Laik Professor 9934607124 head.soils@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
3 Dr. Brajesh Shahi Professor 9431426348 brajesh@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
4 Dr. Sanjay Tiwari Assoc. Professor 8051617450 sanjaytiwari@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
5 Dr. A.K. Singh Asstt. Professor 9934916951 ashoksingh.soils@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
6 Dr. S.K. Singh Asstt. Professor 9431807104 santosh.soils@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
7 Dr. Vipin Kumar Asstt. Professor 9431841476 vipin.kumar@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
8 Dr. S.N. Suman Asstt. Professor 7004345720 snsuman@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
9 Dr. Shankar Jha Asstt. Professor 9430259387 shankarjha@rpcau.panduiprasth.com
10 Dr. S.P. Singh Asstt. Professor 9801781819 spsingh.soils@rpcau.panduiprasth.com

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Students Career” tab_id=”1640763756716-7b1c87eb-75c3″][vc_column_text]CAREER  PROFILE of PASSED OUT  B. TECH (BIOTECH.) STUDENTS

S. No. Name of the Student Career
1 Amit Gupta M. Tech. ( WBUT), SRF at IARI, New Delhi
2 Amresh Kumar M. Tech. (Anna University)
3 Dhiraj Chaudhari Pursuing Ph. D. in IIT, Varanasi
4 Rajeev kumar Ranjan FCI, Chandigarh
5 Girish Yadav IIT-Gauhati
6 Umashankar Prasad Uday Pursuing  Ph.D.  at NIT Agartala
7 Mukesh Kumar Working in Health Sector
8 Shyamal Kishor M.Tech. , IIT-Khargpur
9 Jyoti Bala M.Tech., NIT-Durgapur
10 Shalu Kumari M.Tech., Hyderabad University , (Working As Guest Faculty)
11 Rinki Verma (M. Tech., NIT-Karnatka) , IISC, Bangaluru
12 Mahima Kumari M.Sc., IIT-Khargpur & Pursuing Ph.D. in IIT, Chennai
13 Abhinah Kumar M.Sc. +Ph. D. , Biological Science, IISER Kolkata
14 Manjay Kumar M.Tech. in WBTU, Kolkata
15 Sharda Bharti M.Tech., Environmental Engg., IIT Mumbai, Ph.D
16 Munna kumar M.Tech., Biotech, WBTU, Kolkata
17 Atul Pradhan M.Tech., IIT Guwahati and Ph. D. at  IISC-Bengaluru
18 Prem Prakash Das M.Tech., IIT Guwahati
19 Ranjana Kumari M.Tech., IIT Guwahai, and doing at IIT, Kanpur
20 Ashwini Akhileshwar FCI, Chandigarh
21 Rabindra Kumar M.Tech., NIT Bhopal
22 Nitu Goyal M.Tech., NIT Bhopal
23 Priyanka Kumari M.Tech., NIT Durgapur
24 Shalini sharan Anna University, Chennai
25 Alka Kumari NIT Allahabad
26 Randhir Kumar NIT Allahabad
27 Gunjan Singh DTU, Delhi
28 Swati Kumari Chemical Engg. (USA)
29 Ramiz Raja Clear DBT JRF in 2013,  IIT GAUHATI
30 Gautam kumar M.Sc, NDRI Karnal, Haryana
31 Saurav Gupta M.Tech., Biotech, NIT Bhopal
32 Ravi Kumar MS + Ph.D. Biological Science ,IISER Kolkata
33 Rahul Kumar M.Tech., WBTU, Kolkata
34 Ashish Prabhat Pursuing Ph.D. in  Delhi University
35 Prem Pritam D.Y. Patil university Bombey
36 Bivek anand Anna University, Chennai
37 Shashikant M.Tech. (Biotech) , NIT
38 Ajay  Chandra M.Sc. (Biotech.) , A.G.  Ranga University
39 Nidhi Singh M.Tech. IIT –KANPUR
40 Rakesh priyadarshi In sugar mill
41 Ranay Mohan Yadav M.Sc.  at   Faizabad
42 Shyam Kumar In Sugar Mill
43 Nidhi M. Tech. (Biotechnology) , WBUT
44 Rakesh Roshan M. Tech. (Biotechnology) , Anna university
45 Gaurav Kumar M. Tech. (Biotechnology) , WBUT



Swami Sahajanand Saraswati outstanding extension scientist award (ICAR) was conferred to Dr. Dayaram, for his excellent achievements in popularization of mushroom cultivation.




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