Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India


Department of Soil & Water Conservation Engineering

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Sl. No. Name of Faculty Position Educational Qualification Specialization
1. Dr. R. Suresh Prof. and Head Ph.D. Soil & Water Conservation Engg.
2. Dr. S. K. Jain Professor Ph.D. Irrigation & Drainage Engg.
3. Dr. S. P. Gupta Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Irrigation & Drainage Engg.
4. Er. S. K. Nirala Asst. Prof. M. Tech. Soil & Water Conservation Engg.
5. Dr. Ravish Chandra Asst. Prof. Ph.D. Irrigation & Drainage Engg.
6. Dr. R. K. Sahu Asst. Prof. Ph.D. Soil & Water Conservation Engg.
7. Er. Sudarshan Prasad Asst. Prof. M. Tech. Irrigation & Drainage Engineering
8. Er. I. B. Bhagat Asst. Prof. M. Tech. Irrigation & Drainage Engineering

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Faculties of College of Agricultural Engineering are well qualified and experienced. Most of them have their highest degree from the institutions of National/International repute (IIT & leading university of the country). All are very sincere, hardworking and dedicated to the academic profession. Some faculties have published important books of their subject concerned, which are nationally recognized and internationally popular amongst students and professional of associated field. In addition, few faculties have also been honoured for their best performance in teaching/research activities.

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Highest Qualification Work Experience  (Teaching / Research / Extension) Remarks
1. Dr. S. K. Jain Ph. D.



About 30 years 1. Good exposure on Water Management Principle and Practices.

2. Published several research papers and technical bulletins. 

2. Dr. S. P. Gupta Ph. D.


About 33 years 1. Good exposure on Water Management Principle and Practices.

2. Published several research papers    and technical bulletins. 

3. Er. S. K. Nirala M. Tech.



More than 10 years 1. Published practical manual on Water Shed Hydrology.

2. Published several research papers, training manual and leafs lets related to micro irrigation and potato cultivation

4. Dr. Ravish Chandra Ph. D


More than 10 years 1. Published more than 20 research papers, 04 books, 03 technical bulletins.

2. Received two awards of best oral presentations.

3. Handled  more than 05 research projects as PI, Co-PI and Associated Scientist

4. Teaching and Research Extension more than 17 years.


5. Dr. R. K. Sahu Ph.D

(IIT,  Bombay)

More than 10 years 1.Published several (12) research papers in journals of repute; and a practical manual on Water Shed Hydrology.

2. Received Rastriya Gaurav Award from IIFS, New Delhi for excellent professional achievement.

3.Co- Author of a book entitled “Fundamental of Agricultural Engineering” published by Kalyani Publisher, New Delhi.

4. Published several research papers in journals of national/international repute

6. Er. Sudarshan Prasad M. Tech


More than 10 years 1. Received best paper award in the year 2013.

2. Received Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sichha Ratna award From Abhiwyacti, Sahitik & Sanskritik, Sansthan.

3. Published several Research Papers, Lab. Manuals and Book Chapters.

7. Er. I. B. Bhagat M. Tech.

(PAU, Ludhiana)

More than 10 years 1.   Published several research papers, technical bulletins, lab. Manuals etc.

2.   Received best poster presentation award in the year 2010 ISAE

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Class-Rooms: College includes adequate number of class-rooms for delivering the lectures to the students. Total six class-rooms in which 03 are lecture halls; 02 smart class-rooms and 01 drawing class-room are available. Class-rooms are placed with sufficient number of seating arrangement and electric fans for making healthy class-room environment.


Department Laboratory Space(m2)
Soil & Water Conservation Engineering 1.  Irrigation and Drainage Lab.

2.  Soil & Water Conservation Lab.

3.  Surveying Lab.

4.  Wells & Pumps Lab.

5.  Hydraulics Lab.

6.  GIS Lab.

7.  Computer Lab.








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Irrigation and Drainage Lab. i.     Various Modules related to Irrigation & Drainage Structures,

ii.    Water Conveyance  Structure,

iii.   Water Measuring Devices,

iv.   Flow Velocity Measuring Devices,

v.    Components of Micro-Irrigation Systems,

vi.   Overhead Sprinkler System,

vii.  Components of Tube well etc. 

viii. Water Quality tools


Soil & Water Conservation Lab.


i.   Various Modules related to Building Structures,

ii.  Steel Reinforcement Model  for Construction of Building Structures,

iii. Rain gauges –Symons type, Float type & Tipping bucket type.

iv. Flow Measuring Devices -Current Meter 

v.  Anemometer, Sun Shine Recorder 

Surveying Lab. i.    Chain Survey equipments: Metric Chain, Ranging Rods, Off Set Rod, Cress-Staff, Optical Square, Tape, Arrows, Wooden Pegs etc.

ii.  Prismatic Compass Survey Equipment: Prismatic/Surveyor’s Compass with Tripod, Tap etc.

iii. Plane Table Survey Equipments: Plane Table with Tripod, Trough Compass, Sprit Level, Plumb Bob, Alidade, U-fork etc.

iv.  Leveling/Contouring equipments: Dumpy Level, level Staff etc.

v.   Survey with Latest Equipment: Total station, Target Staff,

Wells & Pump Lab.


i.   Various cut models of different types of pumps.

ii.  Models of Micro-irrigation components

iii. Submersible pump

iv. Reciprocating pumps

v.  Different HPs Diesel Pump sets

vi. Requisite tools use for servicing of pumps 

Hydraulics Lab.


i.     Piezometer, Manometer, Pressure gauge 

ii.    Bernoulli’s Apparatus

iii.   Reynolds’s Apparatus

iv.   Open channel flow setup

v.    Hydraulic Ram

vi.   Pipe Friction setup

vii.  Circular Orifice

viii. Rectangular and triangular Notch

ix.   Parshall Flume

x.    Francis & Pelton Turbine

xi.   Current meter

GIS Lab.


i.   Computers(ArcGIS)

ii.  Plotter

iii. Scanner

Computer Lab.


i.  Computer sets

ii. Projector


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