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General Conditions for Testing

General Conditions for Testing of Farm Implements

  1. The applicant shall supply three copies each of published literature in English, detailed specifications, operator and service (workshop) manuals and illustrated parts catalogue of the machine. Any other details required by the Testing Authority shall also be supplied. These shall be retained at the FMTC, College of Agricultural Engineering DR.R.P.C.A.U, Pusa.
  2. The operation, maintenance and servicing of the machine shall be carried out according to the procedure laid down in the manufacturer’s printed literature unless otherwise specified by the applicant prior to the commencement of the test. Where choices of adjustments or operating conditions are made by the applicant, the guide in making such choices will be the one suitable for general operations. In case of doubt, the opinion of the Testing Authority will be deemed as final.
  3. (a) It will be the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the machine is in good condition. In case the machine requires running-in the same will be carried out, in consultation with the Testing Authority, before submission of machine for testing. Details of running in should be supplied by the applicant at the time of submitting application.

(b) Facilities to tune-up, adjust and initially set up and run-in of the machine before the actual tests commence will be allowed to the applicant. In case of commercial testing, no adjustment shall ordinarily be permitted during the actual tests.

(c) Two representatives of the applicant with proper letter of authority will be permitted to witness the test at the discretion of the Testing Authority. The representatives may be allowed to collect necessary factual data about the performance of the machine on the clear understanding that the name of the Testing Authority shall not be associated with any data so collected by the representative or published by the applicant.

(d) Permission to collect the data on performance of machine during the tests shall be granted at the discretion of the Testing Authority

  1. Neither the Testing Authority nor anybody engaged in his behalf for conducting tests will be held responsible for any accident, damage or loss whatsoever, to the machine/component/equipment which may occur while in custody, storage, transit and/or during the tests.
  2. When special tests are required to be carried out, all expenditure will be payable by the applicant.
  3. The schedule of fees may be reviewed and altered / modification if necessary with reference to cost of maintenance of equipment and apparatus used and labour and time spent on testing, with the approval of the Controlling of testing center
  4. The applicant shall also supply special tools, if any, required for servicing, adjustment, major repairs of the machine along with list thereof.
  5. In the case of machine which during tests are also required to be run on public roads, the applicant will arrange for necessary permission under the Motor Vehicles Act if so required.
  6. For component tests such as agricultural discs, ploughs, shares, cultivator tines etc.the applicant should supply a complete unit of the standard machine for which the components are meant to be fitted. In case of agricultural discs, a complete disc harrow and/or also plough should be submitted if required by the Testing Authority.
  7. The testing of machine/components shall be commenced by the Testing Authority only after completion of all formalities by the applicant as indicated in these regulations.
  8. On completion of test and payment of testing charges in full a copy of the „draft‟ test report shall be made available to applicant for scrutiny and comments. In the case of applicants in India, the applicant shall furnish comments within 15 days, and for the applicants from abroad or in case where the reports are to be referred to the principals in a foreign country, the comments should be furnished in 40 days time. In case the applicant fails to submit comments within the stipulated time, the Testing Authority may release the final test report. In case of commercial test report, such of the applicant’s comments which contribute technically to the contents of the test report will be included in the test report under a separate chapter referred to as “Applicant’s comments” at the discretion of the Testing Authority
  9. Three copies of the test report duly signed by the Test Engineers, SRF and counter signed by the Testing Authority and approval of Controlling officer of Testing center shall be supplied to the applicant free of cost.
  10. The test report issued by the Testing Authority on a particular model or sample of machine/implement/component etc. applied only to that particular model/brand submitted for test.
  11. The test reports issued by the Testing Authority contain only the data obtained on a particular sample of a model/brand tested by the Testing Authority but these do not in anyway signify the approval of the Government or the Testing Authority of the models or samples tested.
  12. No interim test reports shall be issued on a machine while under test.
  13. The FMTC, CAE, DR.R.P.C.A.U, Pusa reserves the right to change these regulations at any time as may be found necessary without any notice to anybody and such changes will be binding on all concerned
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