Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University
Pusa, Samastipur – 848 125, Bihar, India


General Regulations Governing all Tests

General Regulations for all Tests

1.Machines may be tested at the request of the manufacturer/accredited importers referred to as “Applicant” herein after on the prescribed form.
2.Tests will be carried out at the Farm Machinery Testing Center, College of Agricultural Engineering, Pusa hereinafter referred to as ‘Testing Authority” to whom application on prescribed form may be addressed.
3.All the tests will be conducted as per BIS Test Code. If BIS test code is not available for any machine/component, the test code shall be framed by the Testing Authority whose decision shall be final.
4.The amount of test fee as indicated in the Annexure-IV will have to be deposited before the machine is tested.
5.The machinery will be delivered by the applicant at the site of testing authority
i)Parts of assemblies of machines worn out or damaged during test shall be replaced/repaired by the applicant free of cost within the time specified by the Testing Authority.
ii)In case some parts are required by the Testing Authority for destructive tests, these shall be arranged free of cost by the applicant.
iii)In case, any services are provided by the Testing Authority these will be charged for.
6.The cost of laying foundation, fixtures, etc. which are not normally available at the testing site and which are found necessary for working of the machine under test and all special store items shall be borne by the applicant.
7.Parts and assemblies of machines worn out or damaged during the test may be handed over at the discretion of the Testing Authority only after the test report has been released.
8.The applicant will make his own arrangement to collect the machine within one month of intimation by the Testing Authority. If the applicant fails to remove the machine in this period, the applicant will be liable for payment of ground rent as fixed by the Testing Authority for a period not exceeding four months. After the expiry of 3 months, one month notice will be served on the applicant by the Testing Authority. If the applicant fails to remove the machine within the period the machine will become the property of DR.R.P.C.A.U, Pusa and may be disposed off by auction at the discretion of the Testing Authority.
9.If any un-patented machine or a machine in respect of which a proper application for patent has not been duly made, is submitted for test, it will not be published or disclosed to the public by DR.R.P.C.A.U, Pusa and the matter will be treated as confidential so that the right of the investor or a person claiming through him to get a patent for the machine is not prejudiced.
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